Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Burden Of Love

The Burden Of Love


  1. Kimberly,

    I can't properly express the privilege I feel that you have an interest to present and share my efforts here . . . and, because you've been so generous and responsive to me, and because you're a fellow person, but mostly because you've been so generous and responsive and sweet to me, and, yes ok, because of your just about intoxicatingly haunting beauty, I feel an increasing care about you - I ask . . .

    You said "Maybe one day I'll tell you but it was no coincidence that I so desperately needed to hear or read your words tonight. you effected me" . . . why are (were) you feeling desperate?


  2. Mickey thank you, I was truthfully feeling lonely and desperate in that feeling and your work warms my heart-that's talent Dude! I am blessed to have met you and believe we meet people for a reason, never on coincidence. You came to me and vice versa as we are so similar and I believe have the desire to move people. How can that not be a gift?


  3. Which of those is worse? 'Desperate' has such an instantly active sounding hurt - but loneliness has to be the greatest hurt we feel. So, don't do either of those anymore.

    The idea of a "desire to move people" is pregnant with suggestion. I wonder if the 'gift' you talk about is the interest to 'move people' in an uplifting way, I mean; I think just about everything we do is first and primarily self-serving . . . we are frail souls living in a fragile vessel, our response to the world we find ourselves in is (I think) to provide for our soul and protect our vessel.

    I'm thinking, everything everyone does is in some manner to 'move people' . . . some feed (provide for our soul and protect our vessel) off of harming others; stepping on them to boost themselves, demeaning others to promote themselves - some feed off of uplifting others; giving them aid and encouraging them . . . but, is that done still to boost and promote themselves?

    Are even the most virtuous things we do self-serving? Is it our selfishness that prompts us to 'move people' and the 'gift' you speak of that we are fed, that we boosted and promoted, by benevolence toward others rather than by malevolence toward them? The 'gift' of a 'good' soul? We are all corrupted, no one is without flaw, but from underneath our fears and ugly appetites do some seek their own best interest by serving others rather than by using others? Is that the 'gift'?

    "we are frail souls living in a fragile vessel" - I like that, maybe a hub?

    Now, most important - no more feeling lonely and desperate . . . I have no doubt I am not the only one out there looking forward to when I see "kimberlyslyrics" on HubPages.