Monday, August 15, 2011


should add I am going camping in a tent for a week Tuesday so I will have no internet.

worse, can't wear my Mary-Janes, dresses or bring my Vuittons, nor can I go on-line.

I don't fish, bird watch, trail walks, jog, have a dog, visit other campers and it goes on


I am going to be such a bitch, imagine I have to use public bathrooms and showers. Probably get fungal disease of some kind from the floor, eat from a cooler and will be alone for the first few days.


pray for me I'll be a week in hell. What am I going to do? Well, will have lots of nothing to tell you upon my return no doubt.

My Minds World just got frustrated and full of nasty thoughts, I must focus on my imagination to get me through along with valium. OMG ugh


In one more day

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